Flexible, Seamless, and Robust satellite and/or cellular communication system which links remote devices with your SCADA or DSS software.

M2M Communications

Affordable and Easy to deploy.

Seamless Integration

with your SCADA or DSS software.

Indutrial Internet of Things

For a wide range of industries.

M2M Communications

Robust, flexible and reliable.

Industrial communication protocols

Modbus, DNP 3.0, DLMS/COSEM, IEC 101/104, IEC 61850 and more.


IoT-Konnect is a seamless communication system to link remote devices with your SCADA or DSS software, taking advantage of the flexibility and robustness of our satellite and/or cellular systems.
Use IoT-Konnect and improve the reliability indexes as SAIDI & SAIFI in your smart grids.
In Oil&Gas industry IoT-Konnect helps to monitor and control artificial lift systems, downhole sensor panels, power generators, or flow computers.
In other sectors IoT-Konnect brings a wide range of possibilities by supporting standard industrial protocols: Modbus, DNP 3.0, IEC 61870-5/101/104, IEC 61850, and DLMS/COSEM.

Solution Architecture

IoT-Konnect allows you to connect industrial equipment in electric distribution, Oil & Gas, environmental, and other industries, using a seamless link between the remote devices and your SCADA or DSS software.

Our M2M terminal installed in the field is fully programmable and is in charge of communicate the slave device with your SCADA or DSS software. The signals are sent through a variety of communications options up to our middleware and then to your SCADA or DSS software, using encripted and secure channels.

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